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Two best Practices of Institution

“ Education in the only key to empower girls”

Across history it has been seen that women have been neglected on all fronts. During earlier times, there was a distinct division between public life and private life. Women were not allowed in the public sphere because they were not meant to take part in it. Education itself is very important irrespective of whether the child is a boy or a girl. Education of girls is important for bringing a balance in society.

SSG PAREEK P.G. GIRLS COLLEGE is a renowned and well known institution in the field of higher education in the area of Chomu. The college works witch a mission “To strive for excellence in the field of education by creating,  developing and instilling right values, ethics, discipline and life skills in the future managers, leaders, academicians and technocrats in shaping a new India. The college does various practices for the girls’ higher education. It does a lot for the all round development of the students. The major practices that are practice by the college are-  Motivation and enrolling the rural students - The college goes in the interior rural areas and motivate the backward & poor students to get enrol in higher education. The college does a survey to find out the reason why the girls are not getting enrolled in higher education. It converse with the parents and convince them to educate their girl child and also explains them about the need and importance of girls higher education.

By providing scholarships and book bank facility to the students it tries to connect these students to the society and helps them in their progress and to achieve their aims and success in life. The college also provides guidance to the students of rural and urban areas.

Inculcating the various skills - The college tries to inculcate various skills among the students so that they can able to face all the challenges in life. It teaches various employment skills through workshop and seminars. The college also send the students to employment fair so that they get the knowledge of various types of jobs and jobs opportunities.

In the college campus there is an employment cell that guides the students about the various jobs that are available and how to crack those exams. With this the college also tries to groom the personality of the students.  In today’s scenario safety of girl is also important. The girls are not safe. Keeping this in mind the college provides self defence training to the students. This year trainers from Nirbhya squad were called to train the students. The students were trained various tricks and techniques to protect and safe themselves when any danger arrives. With these a lot of other practices are followed by the college for the upliftment of girls’ higher education and empowering the girl child.


                     Unique Feature's
Scholarships to SC/ST/OBC students by the Government.
Well equipped laboratories of geography, Home Science.
Drawing & Painting and Computer.
Psychological counseling & career counseling to the students.
Skill development workshops & seminars.
Various cultural and sports activities N.S.S., Scout/Guide.
Special prize & scholarship by renowned dignitaries.
All round development of personality.
Inculcate Social responsibilities in student Quality Education.
   Competitive Classes.
Pareek college have provide most specialized competitive classes for different Government entrance exam and we have been giving guidance to student for Government exams like Ras ,Net, Set Bank Railway, Ssc, pre test for Bed etc.

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